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Alison generously shares the profound effects she has experienced through her dedicated practice of Tai Chi and Qigong. Alison's testimony serves as a beacon for others considering or already engaged in these ancient practices. Her experiences highlight the multifaceted benefits that Tai Chi and Qigong can offer, enriching not only the physical body but also the mind and spirit. Such success stories, like Alison's, serve as powerful reminders of the transformative effects of mindful movement practices.

Overall, participants rated the Term 1 Tai-Chi program 5/5 stars and said that the program exceeded their expectations. There was nothing that the participants didn’t like about the program and only positive and uplifting words were said about your teaching. All respondents said that they would be very likely to sign up for the next term of Tai-Chi. Please find attached a copy of the full feedback report for more detailed responses! ~Kate Hopwood• Community Facilities Programs Bookings Officer Ku-ring-gai Council

"Tundi is fantastic. She takes her time explaining things and brings great energy. The instructor (Tunde) had a good balance of demonstrating the moves and then enable you to work at your level of activity. " Mary
"How lucky are we to have met such a beautiful soul. The world needs more serene and calm people like you, who also make us feel better. Thank you and blessings from the universe ;✨️ I hope our paths cross again. Love Eva"

Jodi has Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).It causes pain and inflammation in her joints. She diagnosed by 8 years ago. It is painful and she stop with exercise (recommended by a doctor). Listen what she says how her life has been changing since practice Tai chi and what her benefits.

"I played others doing the same Tai Chi exercise and your style was the most graceful and precise of those I watched. I feel privileged to be learning from you." Eliane

"I was in the park at park on Thursday and an older man a few metres away started to do the Tai Chi sequence we have been learning. I stood up from the bench and began to do the movements with him. I think he must have been a master he was so good. He gave me a smile as I left with my husband to walk home. The episode made me want to improve so I could join in like this more effectively next time the opportunity arose." JS

"Thank you Tumde, You are such a wonderful and caring teacher! See you Thursday. " Gaye xx

"We started to learn Ma Wang Dui Health Qigong routine. It is a very popular qigong exercise for health. And these are some feed-back after the first session from practitioner: "Thanks Tunde. Like the movements and the gentle flow. Whether I can do justice to the movements is another question but impressed so far. Regards Bill" "It was a true pleasure to view such creative skill. I am looking forward to learning more." Bron

Sat Qigong

"How amazing they are! Thank you for your share your energy in our Qigong class."

"Thanks Tunde, yes thankfully I'm much better today. All your neck exercises have really helped so thank you!" Mary 🙏😊🦋 11-9-2020
"Gaye Wheatley recommends Tunde-World: "Tunde is an amazing teacher- always caring , gentle and instills a feeling of warmth and love to all her students. She understands each of her students and adjusts to their capability. All I can say is give yourself a gift of joining one of Tunde’s lessons ( if you can’t she has a virtual package as well !) you will benefit greatly!" Gaye

"Thank you for all the effort you put into preparing our classes. It's a lot of extra work for you and it's very much appreciated. I've been happy with all the classes, I'm just very grateful to have the opportunity to attend. I think my little dog is also enjoying the meditation. He sleeps for hours after the class :- Looking forward to Thursday's class." Colleen

"After my first Qi Gong class I was so relaxed, that I actually fell asleep very blisfully when I turned the car off, after arriving home! I could tell I wanted to go back and find out more, and since then, over a year later, I've never looked back. Tunde is highly professional, and my anxiety and depression have improved dramatically. Thank you Tunde." 😘😊 BBH

"I was grateful for Tunde's wonderful skills when experiencing serious illness. I believe the powerful Reiki she delivered greatly enhanced my energy, relaxation and natural healing process. Her Qi Gong classes I attended also assisted with my meditation and overall wellness, promoting a stress reduced recovery. Avril Robinson

'Thank you for all the information on your website. I like to share it with my Mum so she understands what we are practicing. It is very thorough and educational. See you on Saturday!" Br

I was grateful for Tunde's wonderful skills when experiencing serious illness. I believe the powerful Reiki she...

Posted by Avril Robinson on Sunday, March 17, 2019

"My name is Silvio. I have been coming to tai chi about 18 months. I have been playing competition tennis about 45 years and over that time experienced neck and shoulder pain on a regular basis. However over the past 18 months since coming to tai chi, I have no more neck pain and no shoulder pain at all. I can only put this down to the Tai chi exercises with Tunde that I have been doing on a weekly basis."

"I am so happy I found Tundeworld. Within a few weeks of beginning Tai Chi I noticed a significant improvement in my flexibility and balance and the joint pain I experience in my hips and knees has lessened greatly. I can not recommend Tai Chi more highly for it’s health benefits and sense of well being. Tunde pays great attention to making sure we follow the movements correctly so we respect and look after our bodies. Thank you Tunde!" 17-12-2018)

Margaret - "My son Bruce is a practicing physiotherapist and since I have been attending your Tai Chi class he has been pleased to see improvement in my balance. He and his wife are looking for a class to attend in his area thank you, Margaret Smart."

Albertina Tam - "I've been learning qigong with Tunde for 3 terms now. I always know qigong and tai chi are good for general health. My routine exercise used to be just yoga, running and swimming. By chance I accompanied a friend to join Tunde's qigong class late last year. After the very first class, we both left the class feeling energized and blissful. I fell in love with this art straight away. Since then I practice qigong every second day if not everyday. I notice my legs and core strength have improved so much that my back and hip pain have significantly reduced. One of the many benefits of practicing qigong I've recently experienced is that when I went back to my Bikram yoga class after one month's break, I was expecting a drop in my stamina. Not only I noticed my legs are stronger, my concentration has also improved. I'm extremely glad that I've discovered the beauty of qigong. I highly recommend everyone to have a go and see the difference yourself. It's particularly good for rehab, injury prevention and maintaining general health. Thank you Tunde for all your inspiring classes. "

Jayne McAllef - Let me firstly say when I met Tunde there was an immediate connection and I knew she was the human angel sent to help me. I have been working with Tunde for several months using Red Dragon Qi Gong and Reiki for health and healing .JayneReiki these where systematically reversed so my gratitude is bountiful and regard Tunde as my to go to health Guru. Her knowledge is deep and plentiful . I love all that she does and stands for can't thank you enough for entering my life xx Jayne Micallef "

Jayne Micallef - "Performing Red Dragon, cleanses my mouth and seems to clear my sinuses. I also find that due to increased saliva production the gastric juices increase which improves my digestive system and it also gets a work out..."

John McNamara - Also just wanted add that the QiGong workshop was a great experience for me. I came away feeling really energised positive. I hope I can attend another workshop soon to improve my posture and form. Cheers John. "After the Yi Jin Jing Workshop

Adrianna Sambells - " After my radiation treatment from breast cancer three months ago, I took up Tai Chi with Tunde. It helped me relax as Tunde showed us some breathing techniques for relaxation. The arm movements helped me deal with the occasional nerve pain due to radiation and surgery under my arm and around my breast. At first it was painful to do a circle with the arm but I can now do a higher circle. I am on a 5 year hormonal treatment therapy as my cancer was oestrogen related. This treatment can cause bone density loss and weakness on my upper thighs and hips. In order to stop osteoporosis setting in I need to do some weight bearing exercise and the tai chi exercise greatly helps. Thank you Tunde as you are aware I need this sort of exercise and you always recommend to do the exercise at my own pace. I am optimistic that Tai Chi will assist me in my journey to recovery."

Evette Kellie - "Hi Tunde, I just wanted to thank you. I have been snow skiing for more than 40 years and almost every time I participate I’m sore, can hardly walk and need to have a break after two days. After doing your Tai chi and Qigong classes for the last few months I’m now more flexible and for the first time since I could remember skied every day without a break."Chris

Christian Crotti - "For a quick run down of myself, I train up to 13 times a week in martial Arts / resistance / and functional training styles, Tunde Worlds Tai Chi already in less than an actual term has improved mobility and flexibility in my body, overall also. It has improved my well being in general. With a relax and yet fun environment. I would recommend it to anyone and believe truly in Tai chi in its nature is perfect for all ages and body types. I choose to continue the practice of this art over a lifetime proudly. " James

James - "Coming from a fitness background, it was really grounding to see the movements that I could do with my body without weights, and focusing on breathing! Great class and good vibe." James Ward-Collins 29-01-2016

Christine - "I just would like to let you know how much I appreciate starting Tai Chi and QiGong with you. I currently have a lots of stress in my life and getting adequate sleep has become a big problem. However now my sleeping has greatly improved, especially on the nights after I have been to class. The first time I did a class with you I was think this is very pleasant but I didn't realize until later the power of Tai Chi and QiGong. I could feel all my muscles tingling and an overwhelming sense of relaxation. That first night after class I slept like a lamb. Since my sleeping has improved. Many Thanks."

Suzie - "Tunde does great work. All training includes not only is it a great way to develop body awareness, balance, and focus on the fluid, rhythmic and centering qualities of Tai Chi can translate into better overall performance. I'm happy to work with her every chance I get. She is sensitive to work on problem, perfect. I recommend her highly."

Vanessa - "I am practicing the tai chi relaxation movements each morning and am also doing 1 neck and 1 back exercise which my muscular doctor gave me daily to try and settle things down.vanessa

I am well thanks, doing my relaxation practice each morning. Yes the tai chi has definitely helped me with my lower back pain. I too enjoyed Saturday's class with the ball. The breathing and postural exercises provided by my doctor and the walking and tai chi practice have assisted me in maintaining a comfortable level. "

Deena -"I started doing Tai Chi with Tunde to find some relief for lower back pain. The first thing that Tunde picked up was that my posture was incorrect. With doing the exercises, the correct posture has to be maintained. This awareness of holding the correct posture, became an everyday practice, as I spend several hours standing. In correcting my posture, not only were my abdominal muscles put to work but my pelvic floor muscles were benefiting too. Yeah, what a plus.

Tunde shares a lot of wisdom during her class, about which postures are an energetic honouring of ourselves. I am embracing this knowledge because I know that as my body changes as I grow older, this honouring is particularly important for my health and well-being.

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