Tai Chi Fan

Like any of the Tai Chi forms, fans take focus, balance, poise, and awareness to be an effective tool in self defense. Fighting with a fan takes an impressive amount of concentration and dexterity. Today, fan form tai chi is still widely practiced.

tai chi fan

Tai Chi Fan is one of the weapon form of Tai Chi. It has many benefits for the body and mind, by improving general health and coordinating hand, eye and feet movements. Its slow graceful and colourful movements are a joy to perform. The smooth and gentle movements in this Tai Chi Fan routine allows anyone to practice and master it easily. Coupled with the soothing background music, makes the overall practice filled with total relaxation of the mind, body and soul.

This program teach in the Tunde-World' classes and in St Ives, organize by St Ives, Ku-ring-gai Council in Activity program Booking available for Term2.

Learn the Tai Chi Ch'uan - Yang Style- 18 Fan Form.
Movements - Steps :

  1. Commencing Form
  2. Hold the Moon in arms
  3. Willow waves in the Breeze
  4. Dust against the Wind
  5. Waves upon Waves
  6. Old Man angling
  7. Split in Horse stance
  8. Turn around to strike the Tiger
  9. Holy Dragon turns its head
  10. Open Fan with legs apart
  11. Push the boat with the current
  12. Split the Fan on both sides
  13. Hold the Fan in Horse stance
  14. White Crane spreads its wings
  15. Wind scatters lotus leaves
  16. Spring returns to the land
  17. Cross knees and open fan
  18. Closing form

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